Risk management

All business activities are exposed to risks varying in likelihood and impact. The primary objective of risk management in Adapteo Group is to support the company’s strategy execution, continuity of operations and realisation of business objectives by anticipating any risks involved in the Group’s operations and managing them in a proactive manner.

Enterprise risk management emphasizes the role of corporate culture and is an integrated part of operations, planning and decision-making in Adapteo Group.

Enterprise risk management and main risks

Adapteo Group’s annual risk management process consists of risk identification, risk assessment, risk management, risk monitoring and risk reporting. The risk management framework fosters awareness of risk and control throughout the organisation and supports informed decision making. Continuous communication and dialog are necessary to promote risk awareness throughout Adapteo Group and to ensure successful integration of risk management into strategic planning, budgeting, daily decision-making and operations.

As a result of risk management process, Adapteo’s main risks have been identified for which mitigation plans and activities have been defined, implemented and further monitored throughout the year.

According to the annual cycle, the Group management risk workshop has concluded on the main risks for Adapteo Group, which are reviewed in the Board of Directors periodically.

Summary of identified main risks and mitigation activities for Adapteo Group

A risk overview

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