Adapteo’s strategic direction until 2023 is formed by three strategic pillars; Break-out growth, Commercial Excellence and Operational Efficiency. They encapsulate what the company does to strengthen its position in Northern Europe and increase shareholder value, through expansion of the value proposition, improved commercial and operational execution, and reduction of cost. Adapteo strives for sustainability leadership and sees it as an enabler for success and an integral part of the business strategy.

Break-out growth

In the break-out growth initiative Adapteo identifies and drives growth from new propositions and in new markets, both organically and inorganically.

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Commercial excellence

In the commercial excellence initiative Adapteo drives growth and profitability through improvements of its current propositions and commercial operation.

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Operational efficiency

Operational efficiency focuses on finding the ways to cost efficiency while maintaining high level of quality. Adapteo’s operating models forms the basis for the focus areas, which on a general level are related to achieving efficient and high-quality sourcing and project delivery processes.

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Sustainability strategy

With a circular construction concept, Adapteo provides buildings that can adapt to the needs of both people and planet. We use climate-smart raw materials, resource-efficient production, innovation and an inclusive approach.

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