Break out growth

The pillar for Break-out growth is all about identifying the options to expand organically and inorganically. This can mean expanding geographically, to new segments such as elderly care, adding services and new products to our portfolio or through expanding our business model.

Customer segment expansion

Building on Adapteo’s less penetrated customer segments, such as elderly care, health and social care as well as offices, they offer growth potential. The growing customer segment for offices is predominated by customers in the private sector, that are in general less sensitive to pricing. With a modern, high-quality portfolio, we are in a good position to grow within the segments.

Business model expansion

Adapteo has limited presence in the sales market outside Sweden and leveraging the existing operating platform is an opportunity to expand and strengthen its position in other countries. Combining the platform of the rental operations with the long-term rental, sales capabilities and resources added by the NMG acquisition, forms the backbone of capturing the opportunity.

Offering expansion

Adapteo currently has a strong position in serving particularly the school and day care customer segments. Adapteo sees growth potential in less penetrated customer segments, including health and social care and offices. Adapteo’s management considers the continuous development of the offering and improvement of sales and marketing capabilities as key initiatives in capturing the opportunity.

Geographic expansion

Adapteo aims to capture the geographical market opportunities by leveraging its existing strongholds and further expanding the operational footprint. In addition, bolt-on acquisitions can be a tool to accelerate the strategy execution.

Value added service expansion

Complementing our adaptable building offering with value added products and services such as facility management, janitorial, security and insurance services as well as interior and exterior add-on amenities will provide an attractive additional revenue stream in the long term.

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