Commercial excellence

The pillar for Commercial excellence focuses on our aim to shift from a sales strategy based on intuition to one based on hard facts. We drive this through immense focus on pricing excellence, together with ensuring that we enable an efficient sales force with the right tools and frameworks, as well as utilising our strategic marketing capabilities to generate leads and sales.

Offering optimisation

Offering a portfolio of complementary solutions that is optimally positioned in the market and addresses the customers’ needs is important to capture value. Adapteo seeks to utilise its knowledge on customer preferences to harmonise its portfolio and offering and will focus its investing activities to the higher quality and more versatile module series with attractive module economics.

Brand equity growth

Adapteo will introduce a unified marketing and brand strategy, including positioning of the brand and the offering. The brands that the acquired NMG used in its operations will be harmonised with those of Adapteo.

Pricing excellence

Adapteo will seek to align and optimise the pricing of our module series to create dynamic price positioning and to eliminate overlaps in the offering.

Sales force effectiveness

An important aspect in improving sales force effectiveness is aligning sales processes, to ensure a consistent way of working that puts the customer in focus. Based on the processes, KPIs and a sales steering model are set to drive performance throughout the organisation.

Sales digitalisation

Digital tools can be utilised to improve the efficiency in the sales process, as well as improve the customer engagement throughout their buying process. Sales digitalisation as a strategic lever will ensure that the sales organisation keeps driving the industry, at the same time as maximising the revenue potential in the future.

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