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Group Head Office – Adapteo Oy

Visiting and postal address: Äyritie 12 A, FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland
Phone: +358 10 661 5500
Company ID: 2982221-9
VAT Registration number: FI29822219
E-mail: firstname.lastname@adapteo.com

Invoices: E-invoice: 003729822219, e-mail (invoices only) adapteo.plc@bscs.basware.com, or by post: Adapteo Plc, PL 1168 00026 Basware, Finland

Group Operational Centre – Adapteo Services AB

Visiting address: Gårdsvägen 14, SE-169 70 Solna, Sweden
Postal address: Box 4080, SE-169 04 Solna
Phone: +46 8 590 994 40
Company ID: 556691-3868
VAT Registration number: SE556691386801
E-mail: firstname.lastname@adapteo.com

Invoices: E-invoice: SE556691386801, e-mail (invoices only) adapteo.services@bscs.basware.com, or by post: Adapteo Services AB, FE 287, SE-107 76 Stockholm


Hanna Wennberg, SVP Marketing, Communication and Sustainability
+46 8 590 994 40


Erik Skånsberg, CFO


Simon Persson, SVP HR Development
+46 8 590 994 40

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