Corporate Governance Statements

Adapteo’s corporate governance is devised to support the Group’s long-term strategies, market presence and competitiveness. At the same time, it shall uphold confidence among stakeholders, such as shareholders, customers, suppliers, capital markets, society, and employees.

Corporate governance relates to decision-making structures by which the shareholders, directly or indirectly, control the Group. The Corporate Governance Principles have been adopted by the Board of Directors of Adapteo Plc (the Board). They supplement the Finnish Companies Act, the Finnish Securities Markets Act, the Finnish Accounting Act, the rules and recommendations of Nasdaq Stockholm, as well as the Company’s Articles of Association. The Company applies – on a comply or explain basis – the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (Sw. Svensk kod för bolagsstyrning) issued by the Swedish Corporate Governance Board (Sw. Kollegiet för svensk bolagsstyrning) from time to time. Apart from the transitional deviation of Rule 9.7 in the Swedish Corporate Governance Code regarding the duration of the vesting period of the Performance Share Plan 2019, Adapteo does not deviate from the Swedish Corporate Governance Code for the financial year 2019.

Corporate Governance structure

Adapteo’s Board of Directors


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