Internal control

Internal control ensures that the company’s business objectives can be achieved. Through efficient control, deviations from objectives can be prevented or detected as early as possible, so that corrective measures can be taken.

The purpose of internal control is to ensure the profitability, efficiency, continuity and freedom from disruptions of operations and that the Group’s financial and operating reporting both externally and internally is reliable and compliant, and that internal principles, policies and guidelines are followed. Further, internal control ensures compliance with laws and regulations. Internal control measures cover all group levels and functions. Information systems are of vital importance for effective internal control.

The planning of the control measures begins with the definition of business objectives and the identification and assessment of the risks that threaten the objectives. Control measures are targeted based on risks, and control measures are selected as appropriate so as to keep the risks under control.

The Board of Directors and the President and CEO are responsible for organising internal control. The financial performance of the Group is monitored monthly in the Group Management Team and in the management teams of the business areas. Each business area must ensure effective control of its own operations. The business areas and the group Finance and Development function are responsible for the financial reporting processes. The Audit Committee assesses the financial reporting processes. In addition, the financial situation of the Group is also monitored in the meetings of the Audit Committee and the Board. The Audit Committee and the Board review the interim management statements, half-yearly reports and financial statements before their approval and publication.

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