Disclosure policy

Adapteo’s Disclosure Policy describes the key principles that Adapteo complies with in its investor communication and financial reporting and when communicating with its shareholders and other capital markets parties, media and other stakeholders. The Disclosure Policy published at Adapteo’s website is a summary of the key points of the Disclosure Policy approved by Adapteo’s Board of Directors.

Key Disclosure Principles

Adapteo’s key principles of communication and disclosure are timeliness, consistency, impartiality, and transparency. The purpose of the Company’s investor relations function is to support the fair value of Adapteo’s financial instruments by providing the financial market with correct, sufficient, relevant, complete and timely information about the Company’s operations, operational environment, strategy, targets and financial results. The aim is to guarantee that all market participants receive simultaneously the information that the Company communicates. Adapteo discloses all information related to the fulfilment of disclosure obligation to the public as soon as possible in Finnish and English.

Communication channels

The primary communication channel for up-to-date information for all stakeholders is Adapteo’s website (www.adapteogroup.com). Adapteo’s regulatory press releases are published through Nasdaq Stockholm and on the Company’s website where they will be made available in connection with the publication or other disclosure. The Company’s non-regulatory press releases are published on the Company’s website. The press releases are archived for five years and financial and other reports under regular disclosure obligation for ten years.

Subscriptions for Adapteo’s press releases can be made at Adapteo's website.

The Company publishes also materials used in investor and analyst meetings on its website. Some of the material used in investor and analyst meetings may be available only in English.

Persons responsible and spokespersons

The authority to make public statements on behalf of Adapteo as a group entity rests with the Company’s President and CEO and the CFO.

Silent period

Adapteo applies a silent period of 30 calendar days before the publication of the Financial Statements Release, Half-Yearly Report and Interim Management Statements. During this time, the representatives of the Company do not meet with capital market representatives or give interviews or comment on the financial standing of the Group or the Company’s or market’s future outlook. The silent period ends when the relevant Financial Statements Release, Half-Yearly Report or Interim Management Statement is published. The silent periods are disclosed in the financial calendar on the Company’s website.

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