The largest shareholders

The following table sets forth the 10 largest shareholders of Adapteo on 30 August 2019 that is based on the shareholder register maintained by Euroclear Finland (excluding nominee registered shareholders):

 ShareholderNumber of shares in AdapteoPercent of shares and votes in Adapteo 
Rakennusmestarien Säätiö sr2,129,4224.77
Säästöpankki Kotimaa-Sijoitusrahasto549,6481.23
Evli Suomi Pienyhtiöt393,0230.88
Säästöpankki Pienyhtiöt387,3040.87
Sr Danske Invest Suomi Yhteisöosake360,0000.81
Evli Suomi Select320,0000.72
Rakennusmestarit ja- insinöörit AMK RKL ry301,2200.67
Säästöpankki Itämeri Sijoitusrahasto260,0000.58
Oy G.W.Sohlberg AB239,0000.53
Kirkon Eläkerahasto220,0000.49
Ten largest, total5,159,61711.55
Nominee-registered shares, total29,335,49365.65
Other shareholders10,187,57522.80
Treasury shares--
Total 44,682,697100

Adapteo Plc has on 29 August 2019 received a notification pursuant to Chapter 9, Section 5 of the Securities Markets Act from EQT Fund Management S.à r.l. According to the notification, the holding of EQT Public Value Investments S.à r.l. in the Company’s shares and votes has exceeded 15 per cent on 28 August 2019. EQT Public Value Investments S.à r.l. holds a total of 6,731,743 shares corresponding to an ownership of 15.07 percent in Adapteo’s shares and votes.

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