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17th of October 2019

Trendspotting from the Nordic Property Expo 2019

Adapteo headed to Gothenburg to check out the annual Nordic Property Expo, a fair organized by Fastighetsägarna and Svenska Mässan. On site there were about fifty stands, several speaking scenes and curious visitors.

We began our visit with a lecture by Johan Kuylenstierna, adj. professor at Stockholm University and vice chairman of the Swedish Climate Policy Council.

He spoke on the topic "Is business the new environmental movement?". The lecture was full to the last seat, and Kuylenstierna mixed facts and statistics about the world's actual climate status with advice and urges on how companies can change the world through business-driven decisions. Despite the serious subject, the spirit in the room felt positive and encouraging! But as one of the major obstacles to positive change, Kuylenstierna pointed out the following: leadership and attitude.

There was no doubt about the trends in focus of the Nordic Property Expo. The most visited stands and lectures revolved around the following: green cities, climate innovation, environmentally smart building development, AI, proptech, wooden buildings, recreation and greens (from sedum roofs to environmentally friendly playgrounds). As an example, we met the Building Future Institute Foundation, which inspired us heavily with their project of a fully self-sufficient property, with cultivated areas and green-houses on the roof, own water treatment system, solar energy and property compost. A very exciting project that is just right in time.

Johan Kuylenstierna mentioned a number that stuck with us; that by 2050, 2.5 billion more people will live in cities than today. Time to really roll up our sleeves to make sure the cities of the future are circular and sustainable, in other words. For example, with modular buildings when needed. At Adapteo, we are 100 % certain: this will become a main topic for future cities.

HOT at the Nordic Property Expo 2019: green collaboration, circular thinking both within individual property and within production. Smart systems for managing the earth's resources.

NOT HOT at the Nordic Property Expo 2019: hard selling. At this fair, the main focus was conversation and collaboration.

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