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5th of November 2020

Adapteo launches first brand campaign

The first mayor brand campaign for Adapteo was launched in November. The core message is our flexible and adaptable solutions.

This November, Adapteo launch our first brand campaign. The main theme is the company concept “The Future is Adaptable” and it explores the full meaning of Adapteo’s capability to be adaptable and creative and, the ability to tailor our solutions after our customer’s specific needs.

Here we wanted to show that Adapteo’s products are flexible enough, that even when challenged with the creative mind of a child, Emma, our building solutions can fulfil her requests. The main material of the campaign is a video that shows Emma designing her own school, with the help of our team.

The campaign will be launched in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Germany and will mainly be published in Adapteo’s digital channels. Its developed together with Prime Weber Sandwick, United Minds and Bleck. The target group for the campaign is mainly property managers within public sector and the material from the campaign will be advertised digitally.

With this campaign, Adapteo wants to showcase the creative, flexible side of our products and highlight all the possibilities that comes with our solutions.  

The film in its full length can be found here.

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