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4 April 2020

Optimising climate smart buildings for the future

In a unique and ambitious project, the Ministry of the Environment in Finland aims to make cities carbon neutral within the coming decades. An important component is finding out how to construct and use buildings in the most climate smart way.

Adapteo is part of this project and our buildings are being analysed from cradle to grave to identify optimal use of material, transport, use, and reuse of our modules.

– We are already optimising our buildings to deliver a future proof model. In my opinion, the best buildings are made of wood – a material with many benefits. Wood is a renewable resource, it binds CO2 over time, it is adaptable and can be reused and rebuilt, it is relatively lightweight and easy to transport. Other aspects of an optimised building are efficient production with minimal waste, something we continuously work with in our factories, says Niko Oksa, technical sales manager at Adapteo in Finland.

In 2019, six Adapteo buildings were analysed, and during the coming year assessments of another ten buildings will be initiated. The project has now established a formula to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, and CO2 uptake, throughout a building's 50-year lifecycle. The result provides the buildings carbon footprint and handprint. The findings will influence procurement criteria and building standards in Finland to enable a fossil free future.

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