Responsible business success

Our ambition is to integrate sustainability considerations into our daily business to ensure responsible, ethical and ongoing success of our business. A sustainable construction and real estate industry is vital for the creation of sustainable societies. At Adapteo, we work to be a driver of this transition, with a circular business model and constant focus on resource efficiency.

"At Adapteo, we work to be a driver of this transition, with a circular business model and constant focus on resource efficiency"

The challenge is to provide a growing population with spaces that are adapted to people’s needs, are cost efficient and accessible for all, without exploiting limited natural resources or polluting the environment. Adapteo is leading the way in adaptable buildings, and making them loved by people and the planet. We aim to continuously improve our sustainability work and to maintain an open and honest dialogue with various stakeholders.

Adapteo’s sustainability policy and Code of Conduct apply to all Adapteo’s group companies and business units as well as employees and suppliers. Our sustainability principles are divided into three main categories: environmental principles, social principles and governance principles.

ISO Quality Management Standard 9001 and ISO Environmental Management Standard 14001 have been implemented in Finland, Sweden, Germany and Norway. The aim is to implement certification in all Adapteo’s operating markets.

Highest ethical standard

At Adapteo, sustainability is integrated into the business model and is a key issue at all levels of operation.
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Adding value to society

With a circular business model and sustainable resource management, Adapteo offers climate smart products from cradle to grave, which we constantly improve to optimise function and environmental performance. Learn more

Contributing to the UN Sustainable development goals

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Sustainability work 2019

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