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Environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability has become the defining issue of our time, and rapid change is needed to address the challenges related to increasing climate change and ecosystem depletion.

Construction and real estate have a very large impact on the environment. We need to ensure sustainability throughout a building’s entire life cycle. This requires that the sourcing of materials, construction, use, reuse, adaptation and end of life are managed in the most sustainable way possible.

With a circular business model and sustainable resource management, Adapteo offers climate smart products from cradle to grave, which we constantly improve to optimise function and environmental performance. In collaboration with other actors, Adapteo is spearheading the development of a climate smart construction and real estate industry and contributing to a sustainable society.

Responsible use of resources

At Adapteo, we aim to increase material efficiency, reduce waste and increase the share of recycled waste.

The environmental impact of a building comes largely from material use, and by choosing renewable materials with the right qualities, we can enable design for sustainability already at the drawing board. The primary material for our production is wood.

Another key factor for sustainable construction is to minimise waste at all stages. Adapteo’s adaptable buildings are industrially constructed, which enables a systematic approach to resource use and waste prevention, using a LEAN-process.

Learn more about creating a circular construction industry and our sustainable resource management in the Sustainability section in Adapteo’s Annual report.

Societal sustainability

Adapteo provides a solution to societal challenges with adaptable space solutions, no matter if the need is for a couple of weeks or indefinitely. Making it easy to provide spaces for an unpredictable future.

Adapteo can build, transform, repurpose, scale up and scale down in a matter of weeks, ensuring that our buildings can be used during several rental rounds and serve different purposes depending on our customer’s needs. Our buildings can be rented, leased or bought to function for example as a daycare, and when they are no longer needed they will be renovated and rented out again and again, in the same or different function. Designing for circularity is key, and we improve and adjust our processes continuously to maximise value and minimise environmental impact.

Learn more about how Adaptable solutions can solve the demands of a growing society in the Sustainability section in Adapteo’s Annual report.

Highest ethical standard 

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