Climate-smart buildings for the future 

Climate change is the defining issue of our time and it will inevitably shape our future. Today the construction and real estate industry has a large impact on the climate. By choosing climate smart raw materials and through our resource-efficient production, we develop climate smart buildings for the future.

Constructing sustainable buildings

We want to produce adaptable buildings with a low environmental impact. Therefore, we choose climate smart raw materials.

The primary material in our production is wood. Compared to concrete buildings, constructions made from wood result in much lower CO2-emissions. We strive to further increase the amount of renewable, recyclable and recycled material used in our production, a goal we will reach together with our suppliers.

Another important issue is the energy efficiency and the environmental performance of our buildings throughout its entire life cycle. Some of our buildings’ performance go beyond compliance and meet the requirements for environmental certifications such as “Miljöbyggnad Silver” from the Sweden Green Building Council. We want to provide our customers with climate smart buildings, helping them achieve their own sustainability ambitions.

Life-cycle assessment of our buildings

A life-cycle assessment of our buildings from cradle to grave can help us identify optimal use of material, transport, use, and reuse of our buildings. Adapteo is part of an ambitious project with the Ministry of the Environment in Finland which focuses on how to construct and use buildings in the most climate smart way.

In 2019, six Adapteo buildings were analysed, and during 2020, assessments of another ten buildings have been initiated. The project has now established a formula to calculate greenhouse gas emissions, and CO2 uptake, throughout a building’s 50-year lifecycle. As a result of this project, we are able to calculate the buildings’ carbon footprint and handprint. Through our participation, Adapteo plays an active role in driving the demand for sustainable buildings. The findings will influence procurement criteria and building standards in Finland to enable a fossil free future. It will also allow for a comparison between the carbon footprint of Adapeo’s buildings with other, more traditional buildings.

Our resource-efficient production

Adapteo focuses on securing an efficient resource management in its production and operations. Our buildings are constructed industrially, enabling us to systematically review resource use and prevent waste. Using a Lean-process, we only order the amount of materials that we need, limiting the amount of waste. However, we have even higher ambitions, and aim to increase material efficiency, reduce waste and increase the share of recycled waste even further. Our approach will lower our environmental impact and increase our business efficiency.

Adapteo supports the Paris Agreement and wants to minimise the climate impact of our operations and productions. We already procure 100% renewable energy for all of our business operations in Sweden and Finland, including production facilities, and will expand this. We will continue work towards minimising our carbon footprint throughout our value chain. Our sustainability policy is also implemented in our own production facilities, and we will engage our three manufacturing suppliers in Estonia, Poland and the Czech Republic to implement our sustainability ambitions in all our production processes.

Optimising climate-smart buildings for the future

Project with Ministry of the Environment in Finland

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