Inclusive society by creating value

With demographic changes and increased mobility, demands for adaptable and inclusive solutions are growing. We provide spaces that fit people’s changing needs by delivering adaptable solutions for an inclusive society. We also value inclusion and diversity highly at our own workplace.

Providing solutions for a better society

Population growth in the Nordics poses a growing challenge for the sustainable development of society. With many public buildings in need of renovations, municipalities and cities face the challenge of quickly providing adaptable building solutions with limited budgets. Adapteo can provide a solution with its adaptable buildings for schools and preschools, care facilities and offices.

For us, product safety and customer satisfaction is a high priority. For both our Business Areas – Rental and Permanent Space – we ensure healthy, accessible and safe indoor environments.

We believe that we can do more than just provide spatial solutions. Therefore, we want to build strategic collaborations with societal actors aligned with our sustainability ambition, to build adaptable societies. 

Diverse and inclusive work place

Our competent and innovative workforce are essential to delivering solutions to our customers and developing our business going forward. At Adapteo, we want to contribute to a sustainable future together with our employees. We aspire to provide a stimulating environment for professional and personal development.

At Adapteo, the health and safety of our employees is our highest priority. Our goal is to be a zero-accident workplace. The OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Management System and similar standards have been implemented for Adapteo in Finland and Germany. The aim is to implement occupational health and safety certification in all Adapteo’s operating markets.

We launched Adapteo with the ambition to establish a healthy and inclusive work place. Our three guiding principles are to be proactive, collaborative and committed. Adapteo is a firm believer in equal employment and career advancement opportunities. We incorporate diversity and inclusion in all processes and strive for gender and age balance. Operating in a traditional male dominated industry, it is important for us to actively promote an even gender balance both in the operational and management organisations through our gender and equality plan.

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