Innovation for sustainability and circular flows

Finding new ways of addressing global challenges will be necessary in order to meet people's needs without transgressing planetary boundaries. A sustainable future demands innovation and creativity. We innovate for sustainability throughout our value chain: designing sustainable solutions and developing circular flows. 

Developing circular solutions

Adapteo’s circular business model sets a precedent for the future of the construction and real estate industry. Adapteo can build, transform, repurpose, scale up and scale down in a matter of weeks, ensuring that our buildings can be rented out for several rounds and serve different purposes depending on our customer’s needs.

Ensuring sustainability throughout a building’s entire life cycle is very important for us. Some of our very first building units for rental are still in use after 30 years. Once a building has reached the end of its lifecycle and cannot be refurbished again, the building is sold, to serve another purpose.

Designing for sustainability

For Adapteo, sustainability starts at the drawing board. We continuously innovate the design of our buildings to improve their sustainability performance. We anticipate that the demand for sustainable buildings will continue to grow, especially from customers in the public sector. To be able to meet future demand and grow our business, Adapteo aims to utilise energy efficient and clean technology to design buildings with a lower climate impact. As heating has one of the biggest impacts on a buildings carbon footprint during the usage phase, Adapteo will grow the share of buildings that need less energy to heat or have a waterborne system, significantly minimising their carbon footprint.

We continue to work at the intersection of innovation and sustainable design, striving to develop a wide range of low-carbon and energy efficient buildings.

Three pillars that support our sustainability work

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