Sustainability strategy

Since the launch of Adapteo in 2019, it is our ambition to be a key driver in the transformation towards a sustainable construction and real estate industry. As a flexible real estate provider, we believe that we can make a positive impact on society whilst reducing the environmental impact.

We see sustainability leadership as an enabler for success and integral part of our business strategy. With Adapteo’s sustainability strategy and work, we aim to create value for our shareholders, meet the growing expectations of our stakeholders, and to take a leading role in the industry towards a sustainable, circular and flexible real estate industry.

We have a sustainability strategy consisting of three pillars: climate-smart buildings, innovation for sustainability and inclusive society. All three pillars are linked to our core business and enable Adapteo to strategically work with relevant topics enhancing the environmental, social and economic sustainability. The foundation of our strategy – an integral part in all our sustainability work - incorporates responsible business practices, stakeholder collaboration, and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The strategy will guide Adapteo’s sustainability work for the coming years.

Learn more about Adapteo's three pillars for sustainability

Climate-smart buildings

Innovation for sustainability

Inclusive society

Break-out growth, Commercial excellence and Operational efficiency

Adapteo's business strategy

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