Adapteo's sustainability ambitions

Adapteo aspires to be a driver of a sustainable construction and real estate industry. Therefore, we have set high ambitions to help us guide our efforts set out by our sustainability strategy.

Our aim is to also set ambitious goals for each focus area to steer us even further, and to follow-up on an annual basis.

Climate smart buildings

  • We construct energy-efficient, adaptable buildings; using climate-smart raw materials

  • We focus on efficient resource management in our production and operation

Innovation for sustainability

  • Our vision is a circular construction and real estate industry

  • We design and innovate sustainable buildings for the future and help our customers make sustainable choices

Inclusive societies

  • We offer an inclusive work place and strive for diversity in our work force

  • We provide a growing population with buildings that are adaptable to people’s and society’s needs


  • Responsible business practices are ingrained in our operations. All our employees and partners act transparently, ethically and with respect for human rights and the environment

United Nations Sustainable development goals

The UN SDGs have been an important corner stone in the development of Adapteo’s sustainability strategy and goals. Linking relevant SDGs to our three strategic pillars helps us implement the SDGs into our business and enables us to follow up our actions. 

Contributing to UN SDGs


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